New Orleans
by AIGA New Orleans
Featured, News · February 20, 2018
by Samantha Barnes
SIFT's In Like Lions fundraiser is this Saturday, March 12 from 6 to 10 p.m. at 3700 St. Claude Avenue. The fundraiser will raise money for SIFT’s expanded programming and feature a silent auction with artwork from national and local artists.
News · March 7, 2016
by Glynnis Ritchie
Our February Community Meeting was a tremendous success. Alberta Wright was our guest speaker talking about Young Creative Agency.
Minutes, News · February 23, 2016
by Julia Sevin
On September 8th, we held our second open board meeting upstairs at Dat Dog on Magazine. We met a few folks we had never met before (shout out to former Chicagoans, and to Loyola design students who came in a bona fide posse!), and everybody got to meet our impressive new secretary and project manager, Glynnis Ritchie. Our thanks to Dat Dog for accommodating us and to all our attendees for coming out!
Minutes, News · September 12, 2015
by Nancy Sharon Collins – Special Project Director, Stationer, and Design Historian
I joined the AIGA New Orleans chapter board of directors in 2005. Hurricane Katrina hit with great force on August 29 of that year. The aftermath was sad and ugly. Nevertheless, I do recall some revelatory lessons about human compassion, and this is one.
Featured, Local Features, News · August 26, 2015
by AIGA New Orleans
The design industry is always experiencing ups and downs. Companies try to stay relevant and designers find themselves forever entrenched in an endless cycle of company redesigns and personal rebrands. Don't let the endless position renaming get you down. Remember to embrace change or create change; just don't stagnate.
Lazy Sunday Mornings, News · August 10, 2014
by Samantha Barnes
From a facelift for an American institution to exploring what it means to be a young, working professional, this week was about staying young, working hard, and investing.
Cool Stuff Roundup, News · August 8, 2014
by AIGA New Orleans
From Leonardo da Vinci applying for a job to insights from Ivan Chermayeff, the past is a great influencer of the present and future. Brush up on some insights and find out how some things never really change.
Lazy Sunday Mornings, News · August 3, 2014
by AIGA New Orleans
It's almost time for school to let back in! Take some time this morning to read up and also don't miss the article featuring past board member, Azu Roma, and other excellent New Orleans artists.
by Samantha Barnes
This week, we found a variety of mediums and designers getting some amazing exposure. From development and publishing media to 3D printing and video, take a peek at this week's selections.
by AIGA New Orleans
Tales of the Cocktail has no doubt been a great way to celebrate the long week, but with Monday approaching, we have a few selections for you to keep your mind focused on the prize. Patience can be rewarding.