Lazy Sunday Mornings: The Ups and the Downs

The design industry is always experiencing ups and downs. Companies try to stay relevant and designers find themselves forever entrenched in an endless cycle of company redesigns and personal rebrands. Don’t let the endless position renaming get you down. Remember to embrace change or create change; just don’t stagnate.


Designing the new Foursquare
Right on the cusp of everyone saying, “Hey, what happened to Foursquare?”, Foursquare relaunched with a rebrand and a new app to tag along.


Design culture is a frozen shithole
The ever opinionated Cole Peters, rejuvenator of the First Things First manifesto, is at it again. Vulgar language aside, he presents a valid point – we shouldn’t succumb to over-intellectualizing what we do nor should we be content to simply dismiss the world with simple design solutions. We’re creatives and we need to step up to the plate.


Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO
Arguably, THE toys of creators and makers, LEGO is still a company that has had to bounce back in recent years. Read about the history of the toy giant and how they re-emerged with the help of a design process model they call “Design for Business (D4B)”

Lazy Sunday Mornings

Lazy Sunday Mornings is a series much like Cool Stuff Roundup, but bringing you content that is fit for your lazy Sundays – longer, meatier, and chock full of deep thoughts and cool concepts.

By AIGA New Orleans
Published August 10, 2014