Cool Stuff Roundup: Stay Young, America

From a facelift for an American institution to exploring what it means to be a young, working professional, this week was about staying young, working hard, and investing.

Cool Stuff Roundup

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GrandArmy’s Redesign for the United States Postal Service
It’s to the great pleasure of the entire design community that government entities and organizations are embracing the power of design and updating their brands. Therefore, the USPS rebrand is a welcome breath of fresh air that gives America itself a renewed sense of patriotism. Go explore the new brand system at Grand Army’s website.

Joshua Klein: Invest in Your Network & Your Network Will Invest in You


Top New Six Tips to Create Effective HTML5 Layouts
If you’re new to web, creating HTML5 layouts might seem a bit daunting. But the folks over at CSSMatter have some sound guidelines to keep you on the right path.


Here’s What It’s Like to Be a 25-Year-Old Freelancer
New Orleans is teeming with young professionals and freelancers. Lianna Patch, a contributor to InvadeNOLA, is turning 25 and she describes her daily life as a freelancing professional, nightmares of running out of coffee and all.


Ogilvy & Mather Induction Box
At Ogilvy & Mather, newbies get this enviable welcome kit known as the “Induction Box”. Check out this sick setup and start brainstorming ways you can help welcome new coworkers and inspire HR at your employer.


Bonus Freebie Finds!
By Samantha Barnes
Published August 8, 2014