Lazy Sunday Mornings: Practical Application in the Present

From Leonardo da Vinci applying for a job to insights from Ivan Chermayeff, the past is a great influencer of the present and future. Brush up on some insights and find out how some things never really change.


What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
According to many, handwriting instruction is on its way out. This is an interesting contrast to the revival of hand-drawn typography and script in the last several years. The article states that, “psychologists and neuroscientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting a relic of the past. New evidence suggests that the links between handwriting and broader educational development run deep.” Find out more about the link between learning and writing and break out a pen and paper in the morning meeting tomorrow.


7 Questions For Logo Design Legend Ivan Chermayeff
Ivan Chermayeff, the designer behind the NBC, Showtime, and Armani Exchange, shares some of his insight and life with Fast. Co Design in an interview.


5 Things to Learn From the World’s Best Job Applicants
hether you are employed or not, one must always stay fresh when it comes to job application skills. Even Leonardo da Vinci had to write a cover letter. Learn more about how the greats handled their application processes.


Watch the 1969 Pitch That Convinced AT&T To Adopt Its Iconic Logo
In the late 1960s, the telecommunications revolution was in full swing. Yet the logo of its biggest innovator, AT&T, had remained the same for 80 years. It was time for a complete brand overhaul, so AT&T tapped legendary graphic designer Saul Bass to do it. After working on a new logo for one year—one year!—this is his pitch to AT&T.


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Lazy Sunday Mornings

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By AIGA New Orleans
Published August 3, 2014