Lazy Sunday Mornings: Study Up!

It’s almost time for school to let back in! Take some time this morning to study up and don’t miss the article featuring past board member, Azu Roma, and other excellent New Orleans artists.


Secrets of the Creative Brain
A leading neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity shares her research on where genius comes from, whether it is dependent on high IQ—and why it is so often accompanied by mental illness. Don’t miss the super cool gradient-changing HTML5 illustration by Eddie Opera (probably best viewed in Safari or Chrome).

20 New Orleans Artists You Should Know
Jennifer Wood is on point when she says that New Orleans is experiencing no shortage of creative talent. She highlights 20 New Orleans artists and features samples of their work.

Michael Bierut Graphic Designer – The Creative Influence Ep.13
Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, how the internet has changed the way we do design work in the 20th century and what make a logo endure.

Lazy Sunday Mornings

Lazy Sunday Mornings is a series much like Cool Stuff Roundup, but bringing you content that is fit for your lazy Sundays – longer, meatier, and chock full of deep thoughts and cool concepts.

By AIGA New Orleans
Published July 26, 2014