New Orleans
by Julia Sevin and Samantha Barnes
Ten teams of graphic designers and two teams of motion designers competed head-to-head! There were donuts, sliders, a pizza costume, a free typeface, and ironic despair at the Joy Theater.
by Jeff Januszek and Will Monson
This year, Ric announced his retirement from his post as CEO and while we’re sad to see him go, we’re thrilled to have caught a moment with him at the design conference for an interview. Who better to talk about AIGA and the conference than the man himself?
2015 Design Conference, Featured, Podcasts · October 23, 2015
by Angela Kyle, PlayBuild founder
What do you get when you take a room full of 20 rambunctious elementary schoolers plus 20 professional designers and throw in a challenge to wish New Orleans a Happy 300th Birthday?
by AIGA New Orleans
Find out about all our local events we're planned in coordination with the AIGA Design Conference! Download press releases, media for promotion, and links to each event to RSVP.
2015 Design Conference, Local Events · September 30, 2015