2015 Design Conference – Podcast Interviews: Ric Grefé
Photo courtesy of David Hisaya Asari

This is one in a series of podcasts recorded at the Design Conference.
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Ric Grefé, Executive Director of AIGA

Following a career in urban design and public policy consulting, Ric managed the association responsible for strategic planning and legislative advocacy for public television and led a think tank on the future of public television and radio. He has been at AIGA since 1995, developing programs that reinforce the relevance of design as an extraordinary creative gift and a critical element of business strategy as executive director.

This year, Ric announced his retirement from his post as CEO and while we’re sad to see him go, we’re thrilled to have caught a moment with him at the design conference for an interview. Who better to talk about AIGA and the conference than the man himself?

By Jeff Januszek and Will Monson
Published October 23, 2015