New Orleans
by Nancy Sharon Collins
We all know what south Louisiana sounds and tastes like through jazz, Mardi Gras and great food! But what does it look like in terms of visual culture? Join us in honoring the fathers and daughters of local pop culture. There's loads and loads of original advertising and graphic design art to be found locally.
by Nancy Sharon Collins
It is important to illustrate the distinction between engravings created by cutting into copper or steel and those made with wood because it is easy to confuse the two processes. In fact, they are entirely different technologies that produce extremely different effects creating illustrations for printed medium. So, for any student of graphic design history, or for those curious about the history of printing, this distinction is crucial.
News, Throwback Thursdays · April 24, 2014
by Nancy Sharon Collins
Last year, Intellectbooks published my article, Engraver, communicator of content, in ‘Book 2.0 : Volume 1 / Issue 2’ (available from their website). The original article was written for scholars of type and design history, so it is a little thick going. This article, written for AIGA New Orleans chapter, provides highlights of the article’s juicier content, in addition to quotes from the May 9, 2013 IQ Overview by Intellectbooks, and my book, ‘The Complete Engraver: A Guide to Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette and History of Social Stationery’, published by Princeton Architectural Press in September, 2012.
Throwback Thursdays · March 27, 2014