Lazy Sunday Mornings: Stay on the Move

BarCamp and Running of the Bulls all in one weekend! Summer is ramping up before the kids go back to school and we wish summer farewell. Take a breather this morning and read up on some longer articles you didn’t have time to invest in during the week!

Lazy Sunday Mornings is a series much like Cool Stuff Roundup, but bringing you content that is fit for your lazy Sundays – longer, meatier, and chock full of deep thoughts and cool concepts.


How to get a busy person to respond to your email
In a world teeming with conversations and communication, its easy to forget your manners in a rush to get to the meat of a matter. Want to get that reply faster? Be kind and remember your manners.


The Best and Worst Design of the 2014 World Cup
Today is the last match of the FIFA World Cup, and with the coming together of so many countries around a singular event always sparks creative interest. Check out Fast Company’s roundup of the best and worst that came out of the games.


Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process
Life is hectic, but you can’t let that throw a blanket on your fire. Stay moving and creating with 18 apps that support a variety of processes.


Escaping the Time-Scarcity Trap
It’s difficult to stay ahead and falling behind is a creative’s worse nightmare. Some of Janet Choi’s recommendations seem a bit silly, but give them an earnest try and see if they can help you escape the time trap.

By AIGA New Orleans
Published July 13, 2014