Welcome to the new AIGA New Orleans

Over the better half of this year, we’ve been hard at work adapting a new website structure that aligns more with our national organization’s standards and resources. We’re proud to present the new AIGA New Orleans website.

Why a new website?

Our last website was beautiful and a tremendous accomplishment, but with our national organization’s roll out of its new website resources, the board of directors discussed and agreed that the new site would be an easier resource for both members and nonmembers to use.

What’s new?

Immediate member highlights. The new sidebar tiles on the homepage randomize and provide visitors with a profile an actual AIGA New Orleans member. In addition, members who have linked their AIGA Profile with their Behance portfolio site will see their portfolio also appear in a separate, randomized tile. You’ll also see our newest members, present and accounted for front and center.

Accessibility. Our new site boasts some amazing benefits for nonmembers wanting to know more and businesses looking to find local design professionals. Portfolios and Member Directory showcase our members and their amazing work in a click. Want to get involved? Need to access the AIGA Standard Contract for reference? It’s all there in the top navigation for quick access. Feel free to visit our site on your mobile device, as well. We are happy to feature a responsive and mobile-friendly site.

News and Blog. Find new job postings in our area, sign up to receive our emails on our new email system, and connect with us on social media all from our home page with ease. As a part of our new site launch, there has been some discussion over content we would like to bring our members. In the coming months, you’ll gradually see more online-only and member-only content appear here. If you have any ideas on what you would like to see us discuss or include here, feel free to leave a suggestion and you might be contacted to be a guest contributor.

Events. Our events now sync up with the national organization’s calendar of events and website, so you can see what’s going on locally and nationally at any given moment. At the moment, we’re still learning to use the site to its full potential, so keep an ear to our social media as well while we take advantage of our new system.

Growing and Evolving

AIGA New Orleans, and the national organization as a whole, are growing and evolving to provide our members with more benefits and access to resources. Change is a transformative experience that takes time, patience, and participation. We’re always looking for new members and board members, so if you would like to see AIGA New Orleans provide a certain program, put on an event, or create an initiative, reach out and find out how you can be involved.

In addition, it is likely you will see some dust and changes ongoing in the coming months as we grow accustomed to our new site. Feel free to leave us a comment below or drop us an email and let us know your thoughts on the new site.

By Samantha Barnes
Published October 16, 2013