AIGA Open House Online

Join us at 7pm, Thursday April 17

Can’t make it to the Open House this Wednesday? Thanks to the technology we have at our finger tips, we can still speak in real time! Join us at 7pm, on Thursday April 17, to chat and fill in the blank.

Welcome to Online Open House!

Your moderators tonight will be current president, Samantha Barnes, and incoming president, Julia Sevin.
To login, use the cog at the top of the chat window.

Please be respectful while communicating with others or you will be banned from chat. Otherwise, make yourself at home and chat away!

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What’s on the table?
  • Breaking down what we’ve been up to and our goals and programs for the coming year
  • Describing the new, more affordable membership structure, and answering questions about the benefits of membership
  • Opening the floor to public questions and concerns, as well as priorities and ideas for the local design community
  • Sharing opportunities for you to get involved as a volunteer or board member

We hope you’ll attend one or both open houses to share your ideas for the best possible design community in New Orleans.

By AIGA New Orleans
Published April 14, 2014