Lazy Sunday Mornings: Understanding Humankind Better
After Hogs with a Cause and Oyster Jubilee yesterday, everyone is looking forward to a lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday Mornings is a series much like Cool Stuff Roundup, but bringing you content that is fit for your lazy Sundays – longer, meatier, and chock full of deep thoughts and cool concepts.


AIGA 2013 Annual Report
Once a year, AIGA releases an annual report detailing and summarizing the year. It’s a bit briefer compared to many other annual reports, highlighting important milestones.


Girls Who Code – UNICEF Radio, Podcast
Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that works to reach gender parity in the computing fields, speaks to podcast moderator Alex Goldmark about why girls should be key players in that sector.

Only 12% of all college graduates are computer science majors at the moment. That’s a HUGE gender disparity. Shoutout to BlackGirlsCode, which has a chapter here in New Orleans. Go forth and find ways to help out.


The Fascinating Neuroscience of Color
Eric Jaffe writes, “Knowing that humans might also be hardwired for certain hues could be a gateway into understanding the neural properties of emotion.” What implications could this mean for user interfaces, branding, and our design choices influencing the user?


Getting started with Google Analytics: Easy tools for Small Businesses
Tracking your online presence and analytics is important to measure metrics, but even seasoned web developers get lost in the ever-updating user interface. Freelancers’ Union has pulled together an insight guide on using Google Analytics for your business. Who said a lazy Sunday couldn’t be productive?

By AIGA New Orleans
Published March 30, 2014