Lazy Sunday Mornings: Afternoon Edition

Today is such a lazy Sunday that we’re doing an afternoon edition!
Lazy Sunday Mornings is a series much like Cool Stuff Roundup, but bringing you content that is fit for your lazy Sundays – longer, meatier, and chock full of deep thoughts and cool concepts.


AIGA Centennial: How Best to Serve 25,000 Members?
“W.A. Dwiggins coined the term ‘graphic design’ in 1922 but the 1914 creation of the American Institute of Graphic Arts acknowledged the growing need for an organization “to do all things which [would] raise the standard and aid the extension and development of the graphic arts in the United States,” as Charles DeKay wrote in the Institute’s constitution 100 years ago.” Read more of Buzz Poole’s article on AIGA and its inception and history. It’s an exciting time to be a part of our organization.


Good Design Isn’t About Being Clever
Today’s best designs seem to be the most clever, but is that really all it takes? Adam Debreczeni makes the case as to why breaking expectations and conventions can be useful at times, asking us the most fundamental of design questions, “Why?”


Does A “Pitch Event” or “Demo Day” Constitute “General Solicitation” under the JOBS Act?
Mike Graffagnini presents a conclusive essay on the latest on this issue at Silicon Bayou News and says, “This post attempts to provoke discussion of the meaning of “general solicitation” in the context of business presentations and what issues companies and event hosts might consider to ensure that these events are conducted within the law.” Please note the disclaimer at the top of the article; all advice contained in the article does not constitute nor substitute legal advice.


Constance 42: Greer – Orientation Week Fever
If you haven’t heard of Constance, you’re sorely missing out. Constance is a full-service publishing, design, and event coordination hub here in New Orleans run by Erik Kiesewetter. Apart from the amazing things Constance does in real life, they compile inspiration and assemble mixtapes. Nose to the grindstone even on this lazy day? Check out their latest mixtape below to put your mind at ease and your work in motion.

By AIGA New Orleans
Published March 23, 2014