“Character Styles”: Top 5 Costumes for Fearless Designers, Halloween 2015
Jack-o-Lanterns photo by jp3d2k, Flickr

The leaves are turning every shade from #FF0000 to #FFFF00, social media is bursting with bloodlust for and against Pumpkin Spice, and stores are fully stocked with sparkling Christmas goods. That can only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner!

Halloween Costumes for Graphic Designers

You can still look every bit the designer even as you ditch your Work Uniform for a day. Enjoy AIGA New Orleans’ top suggestions for costumes to impress your designer friends and alienate everyone else!


5. White Space

Dress all in white with no distinguishing adornments.
Avoid conversation; your strength is in what you DON’T contribute.

White Space

4. Sexy Eames Chair

Remember, your friends won’t be impressed unless it’s authentic. Snip, snip!


3. The Lynda.com Icon

Finally, another use for your Wednesday Addams dress.

Lynda.com Costume

2. Couples Costume: Kerned Pair

Sidehugs are mandatory in this display of carefully measured closeness.

Kerned Pair

1. The AIGA “Eye on Design” Eye

Hang out in the periphery. Say nothing. Blink occasionally. Send shivers.

Eye on Design with AIGA

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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By Julia Sevin
Published October 27, 2015