Cool Stuff Roundup: Recreational Marijuana Marketing and Typography Commandments
Marketing in new ways.

It’s no secret everything around us is taking on the air of marketing and targeted connection. Earth Day was even overwhelmed with marketing promotions. Notice how many brands and products you interact with this weekend alone as Jazz Fest kicks off. Send us a tweet or leave a comment this weekend with the number of brands you noticed attempting to get involved with the festival crowds.

Wondering what you might have missed this week or looking for a little bit of afternoon distraction? Check back every Friday for a selection of each week’s cool stuff that you might have missed.


To Keep Business Growing, Vendors Rebrand Pot’s Stoner Image
Business is booming in Colorado, which means design is matching it step for step. Of course, that also means marijuana is in a unique position to need a rebrand, in more ways than one. Listen to this insightful 4 minute All Things Considered story about marketing and branding cannabis and find out more about Canna-brand.


INSPIRE | The Cutting Edge award
Adobe is no stranger to showcasing inspiration. This issue of INSPIRE’s column marks the debut of The Cutting Edge award, Creative Cloud Edition. Adobe presents it to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. The first winner of this special award is a remarkable project that enables you to explore the paths of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald to their ultimate intersection.


11 eco-friendly things to do for Earth Day (and every day!)
Earth Day was in the middle of this week and we barely noticed since we were outside worshipping the onset of Spring (knock on wood!) Freelancers’ Union published a pretty good reminder list of everything you should already be doing or working towards doing more of to be a better human. I’m pretty partial to number 1. Don’t forget to check our AIGA’s Living Principles, which promotes sustainable design and design with a purpose. Remember,as a designers, we have a responsibility to be conscious of what we’re putting out into the universe.


The Ten Commandments of Typography
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Below is the 10 Commandments of Typography in a very helpful and handy infographic. I fail to see how Mandingo and Liberal are similar fonts, but I will agree that they should not be used together at all. In fact, just don’t use Mandingo at all and drop that font right in the Trash. Click through to see a larger version on DesignMatic’s website.

By Samantha Barnes
Published April 25, 2014