Cool Stuff Roundup: Pantone and Flat Design
Is it finally Spring?

Jazz Fest is right around the corner, and after the ridiculous return of wintry wind, is it finally spring? Thanks to Tiny PMS Match, I find myself definitely hoping Spring is finally here to stay (despite the seasonal allergies that accompany it.)

Wondering what you might have missed this week or looking for a little bit of afternoon distraction? Check back every Friday for a selection of each week’s cool stuff that you might have missed.


After the Jump: Choosing Words Wisely
Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge is a blogger that is a lot like AIGA in that she’s pretty inclusive of most design practices when she blogs. A wonderfully insightful woman, Grace touches on “the importance of choosing your words wisely” in this edition of her podcast, After the Jump. Unfortunately, the media outlet’s Ms. Bonney chose doesn’t allow for us to embed the audio here for convenience, but you can choose to stream it live from Heritage Radio or iTunes.


Five One-Hour Routines that Will Improve Your Life as a Freelancer
While LifeHacker has worn off a touch of its witty charm, the site still produces and features some well-informed content. Herbert Lui offers up five routines to make your freelancing life a little better that I find pretty insightful. At first, a couple pieces of advice may seem like a no-brainer, but his insights as to why he invests time into them may make look at it a different way.


The history of flat design: How efficiency and minimalism turned the digital world flat
Look around you. Unless you live under the waters of the Mississippi, chances are you know flat design is in vogue once again. Here’s a flash history of how efficiency and minimalism played a heavy hand.


Why The Security Bug Heartbleed Has A Catchy Logo
It’s my opinion that the reason so many people found out about Heartbleed so fast is because of the simplistic symbol that came to be synonymous with the security bug in OpenSSL.

Now there may be a SMALL chance you might not have heard about this one if you rarely interact on social media or invest time in online in shopping. But trust me, if you haven’t looked into the Heartbleed security hole, you need to.


Tiny PMS Match
I love a good time-waster. They are like a break in the cloud of monotonous efficiency and the need to constantly be productive. A well-made one will not only give you a good palatte cleanse, but will inspire you and make you want to roll up your sleeves and make something cool. Inka Mathew does Pantone even better than Pantone here with his PMS-matching skills on his aptly named Tumblr.


By Samantha Barnes
Published April 18, 2014