Cool Stuff Roundup: March Madness Ends
March was a bit mad–a flurry of design activity like a million flowers blooming.

Let’s slow down into the weekend and chill. Wondering what you might have missed this week or looking for a little bit of afternoon distraction? Check back every Friday for a selection of each week’s cool stuff that you might have missed.


America’s Most Social Small Businesses Face-Off
With New Orleans Entrepreneur Week bringing an influx of small businesses to the top of the social media crop locally and completing their own bracket of sorts in the The Big Idea competition, here’s an national picture from Mashable on the most social small businesses in America.


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Chilling Opening Credits Of “True Detective”
Want to know more about those killer opening credits?


Save Your Eyes with f.lux
While some enjoy the luxury of working a 40-hour work week and going home to relax and rejuvenate, its no secret that many movers and shakers keep their laptop on their hip at all times. Even the most diligent was turn in eventually and f.lux helps prepare your brain to do that.


Why You Shouldn’t Work 9-5
Speaking of the decline of the 40-hour work week, does anyone still truly work 9-5? One gentlemen makes the stance against it and his argument is less about working more and more about working less.


Origins of Common UI Symbols
For the non-digital designers out there, UI means user interface. Whether you deal with online publishing and web design or not, everyone interacts with these symbols intimately on a daily basis. Plus, the setup on this origin story is GORGEOUS. We’re not joking; you have to give it a chance.


Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions
There is no better argument for the power of design than when we can use it to save millions from our national fiscal debt. 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani just made his case with a simple suggestion of a typeface change. Additionally, he made the case that states can also shave off millions as well. Well, color us inspired.

Do you think we could get Louisiana, Mississippi, and surrounding state legislatures on board?

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By Samantha Barnes
Published March 28, 2014