Cool Stuff Roundup: Double Whammy!
A double serving of awesome.

We missed last week with all of our preparation for ADVANCE 2014! Thanks to that, you get a double serving this week! Wondering what you might have missed this week or looking for a little bit of afternoon distraction? Check back every Friday for a selection of each week’s cool stuff that you might have missed.


The Great Discontent: Veronika Scott
Trust me: you don’t want to miss this week’s interview with Veronika Scott, the 24-year-old entrepreneur and product designer behind the Detroit-based nonprofit, The Empowerment Plan.


Comic Sans, meet your hipper replacement: Comic Neue. 
Somehow, some way, Craig Rozynski managed to make this Comic Sans update a font I can’t bring myself  to completely hate.


The Surprising History Of The Warner Bros. Logo
Co.Design brings you a quick, brief history to the iconic Warner Bros. logo. Design history is always building on itself.


The Daily Routines of some of the World’s Famous Creative People
I keep revisiting this link because of the amazing message it conveys here – everyone’s schedule is different. It gives a bit of insight into their process, some history behind how they tapped into their creativity, and most of all, I feel kinship with anyone who gets less than 6 hours of sleep.


Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?
So, when you visit a site on a mobile device, sometimes you see this icon in the corner of your screen that’s a series of lines. That icon is called the Hamburger and exists thanks to Norm Cox.


Best “Thank You” Stationery
Looking for some great eye candy or a smooth piece of beautiful paper to pen your gratitudes on? Our Special Project Director Nancy Sharon Collins had one her pieces featured and


Font War: Inside the Design World’s $20 Million Divorce 
Hollywood may have its latest heartbreak story, but the design world has its own sad divorce to follow; here’s a follow up on one our industry’s most famous breakups.

By Samantha Barnes
Published April 11, 2014