Voice Your Option : Today is the Last Day to Vote

You may have received an email, a poster, or even a tweet or link in passing to information about the current call for a vote about the future of AIGA.

Here at AIGA New Orleans, we have been reading, watching, and listening to the current discussion on the call for a vote regarding our national organization’s strategic framework and presented options for moving forward past 2014.

Time for Change

We understand the concerns you may have as to what this means and welcome you to voice them. We will do our best as the board of directors for your local chapter of AIGA to provide answers and insight into what this vote entails. However, I do not meant to discourage you from emailing the national board yourself. Nevertheless, we are your local resource should you need it.

Be Informed

First, before you vote or raise concern, please review the following links on the strategic framework itself and the Insight article summary on the framework that published in September.

Moreover, the vote itself is not a giant cause for alarm. The following is eloquently explained information from our executive director, Ric Grefe:

The member vote is advisory, not binding, but has been called to provide the board with a measure of member preferences and perspective (as any responsible and accountable board ought to do). Ultimately, the board alone has fiduciary and strategic responsibility for the association. However as the representative elected governance body of a membership organization, the board is expected to look out for the interests of members, current, past, and future and wants to know members’ preferences.

In summary, our national board is looking to take a temperature vote on the current agenda that they have been discussing publicly and privately over the past year.

Raise Your Voice

Therefore, most of all, it important to recognize the power of your own voice and vote accordingly. The results of the vote will reviewed and published on the AIGA.org website in November for review. It is also important to note that the national organization is collecting emails, tweets, Facebook posts, comments on their site, and comments from many sources to be included with the results of the vote.

Click here to review the email and vote >>

Your AIGA New Orleans President,
Samantha Barnes

By Samantha Barnes
Published October 25, 2013